Lighting Design and Installation

Swimming Pool Lighting

You can  Enhance your pool experience with lighting by creating a back splash of lighting that is exciting and new. Modifying  your environment for mood and personal tastes can be obtained with the flip of a switch and a few added components. Inground pool lighting includes White lights, Color changing lights, lighted fountains, Fiber optics and more.

Outdoor Lighting for Security, Safety and Decor

Lighting the outside of you home not only provides an added layer of security but it also provides an interesting way to enhance the look of your home at night. Outdoor lighting can be as simple as accents for your garden or security lighting to offer comfort to your family and night-time arrivals! We can install  accent lights, spotlights, floodlights, back lights or security lighting and more.

LED Lighting

Basically, Light Emitting Diodes or LED stay away to use the chemicals such as tungsten filaments and mercury like the common bulbs. Fluorescent light is another reason of discomfort who is suffering from chronic headaches and definitely it will be very uncomfortable to them while exposed for long period. On the other hand, LED is less intensity and lighter than the fluorescent light bulbs, thus there is no issue of discomfort.

These Light Emitting Diodes consumes less than 70% of energy opposing to the normal mercury bulbs. The longevity of LED lights is very long so it is worth for money and economical. The average life span depends on how much you are using and the consumption of the light.

Installing the led light bulb is quite simple. Even anybody can replace the old lights without any hesitation. The highest temperature when the LED heats are only 100 degrees and one can touch that bulb without the chance of getting burnt

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